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Joan Ellis NeedlepointCourt Advocacy: Victims, Inc. accompanies people through the court process, as they attend hearings, trials, sentencings, and other legal proceedings.

Trauma Intervention: Victims, Inc. volunteers arrive on the scene of trauma and free the first responders to continue their work. Victims, Inc. follows up on every trauma call, to insure that all victims receive needed and appropriate services and referrals.

Victims' Memorial Quilts: Victims, Inc. unveils Victim Memorial Quilts each year. Families of crash and homicide victims make squares to honor the memory of their loved ones, to assure they will not be forgotten, and to assist in their own healing.

Gary Parker quiltNetworking: Victims, Inc. works with law enforcement, courts, schools, fire emergency peronnel, media, clergy, and other non-profit agencies training volunteers and responding to needs.

Victims' Compensation: Victims, Inc. assists victims in filing applications for state funded victim compensation.

Legislation: Victims, Inc. notifies victims of pertinent legislative hearings, and accompanies them to Concord for the sessions.